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The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic devices. At present, the company mainly produces various standard parts for hydraulic accessories. Due to the needs of the company's business development, it is now recruiting the following positions for the community. May you join us to bring new vitality, we will also provide you with a good working atmosphere, broad development space!

Recruitment positions:

1. CNC Carvers: Experience is preferred, men and women are not limited, several names

Production products: hydraulic parts

Wage: Skilled work piece, monthly salary up to 8000

Working hours: 8 hours per day, extra hours, single time off.

Benefits: accommodation provided(pay for utilities); meals: $50 per month).

Recruitment number: 0577-86258758 15088553588

Address: No. 7, Xinxing Road, Ouhai Sanxi Industrial Park, Wenzhou City.