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Company New Year commencement ceremony
Source: | Author:meiruike6518 | Published time: 2021-02-20 | 212 Views | Share:

On February 19, 2021, the employees of Meric extended New Year's greetings to each other and sincere greetings brought bursts of laughter, creating a festive and peaceful atmosphere on the first day of construction.

In auspicious time at 10:28, lit firecrackers in the company gate, The prosperous ceremony brings the festive atmosphere to every employee.Spring, new hope, new journey, the Meric in line with "professional, efficient, responsibility, gratitude, and win-win" spirit of enterprise core, build core competitive advantages, the products do fine and stronger, wholeheartedly  for the domestic and foreign customers with quality products and satisfactory service, wish our new and old customers, partners and colleagues, good luck in the year of the 2021, the business is thriving, a happy work, a happy family!